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Actionable Tip Of The Day

Most business owners take 10+ years to be successful.

I am barely over 1.5 years into business.

Stick to it long enough and you will find success

  • How to Write A Cold Email Script In 9 Minutes (link)

  • Why Is Cold Email The Best Way To Generate Leads (link)

  • How To Setup A Cold Email Infrastructure That Books 30 Calls Per Month From Step 1-100 (link)

Deep Dive

As of June 5th, it’s been exactly 592 days since I embarked on my journey in the Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) space, starting on October 26, 2022. Here, I share my raw, unfiltered experiences, shedding light on the reality of SMMA.

How It All Began

I’m 21 now, but my journey started right after high school. I initially pursued a traditional path, studying finance and cybersecurity at a university in Perth, Western Australia. Like many, I wanted to make money and saw cybersecurity as a safe bet for a lucrative career. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I began exploring various online money-making avenues, consuming free content on drop shipping, Amazon FBA, and SMMA. Despite my interest, I didn’t take immediate action.

First Taste of Entrepreneurship

In 2021, I ventured into matched betting, a side hustle leveraging bookmakers' promotions to ensure long-term gains. It was my first taste of real money, earning up to $1,000 a week, which was significant for a 19-year-old living at home. However, I soon realized its limitations and the need for a more scalable business model.

Diving into the World of SMMA

My real breakthrough came when I discovered Hustlers University 2.0 and delved into copywriting. The concept of earning by writing persuasive content intrigued me. Yet, my real turning point was when I encountered a well-spoken individual on TikTok who ran a successful real estate marketing agency. Inspired, I joined his coaching program, investing $5,000 USD (around $7,500 AUD).

Learning the Hard Way

The program taught me essential skills like setting up my business infrastructure, conducting outreach, and offering free trials in exchange for testimonials. Despite having savings, I faced the harsh reality of inconsistent income and the struggle to secure paying clients. My biggest mistake was undercutting my prices, charging as little as $200 a month, which was unsustainable.

The Importance of Mentorship

Realizing my mistakes, I sought further guidance. I joined a high-ticket coaching program costing $10,000 USD (around $15,000 AUD), which drastically improved my approach. I learned the importance of persistence, consistency, and proper client communication. One crucial piece of advice was to start a cold email agency, leveraging my existing skills.

Turning Point: The Cold Email Agency

Within a month of launching my cold email agency, I signed eight clients. The key was speed and applying learned strategies effectively. I balanced this with my existing real estate SMMA, focusing on scaling the cold email agency.

Lessons Learned

  1. Persistence and Volume: The biggest takeaway is that success in SMMA requires relentless effort and high outreach volumes. Sending 100 DMs isn’t enough; aim for thousands.

  2. Invest in Learning: While everything you need is available for free online, investing in courses and mentors can fast-track your success by helping you avoid common pitfalls.

  3. Adapt and Overcome: Shiny object syndrome and complacency are your enemies. Stick to one path, refine your strategies, and keep pushing forward.

  4. Focus on Long-term Goals: Immediate results are rare. Treat the process as a long-term game, consistently putting in the work without expecting instant rewards.

Final Thoughts

Starting an SMMA isn’t as glamorous as portrayed by gurus. It’s a journey of continuous learning, hard work, and adaptation. If you’re in it for the long haul, focus on doing the necessary work daily, and eventually, the results will follow.

Remember, it’s all on you. Success comes from taking full responsibility, learning from failures, and consistently improving your approach. Now, get back to work—send more emails, make more calls, and post more content. Your future clients are out there waiting.

How I Can Help

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