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Actionable Tip Of The Day

There is so many conflicting advice on how to set up warmup on smartlead.

My best tip is to stick to one for all of your accounts - they all work and are optimized for different infrastructures.

To make things easy, just copy me.

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Deep Dive

Welcome to part two of my series on setting up your SmartLead account from end-to-end. Today, we'll dive into the best warm-up settings for your cold email accounts. Warming up your email accounts is crucial to ensure high deliverability and avoid landing in spam folders. Let’s get started.

Step-by-Step Guide to Warm-Up Settings

First, let's review why warming up your email accounts is essential. When you start sending emails from a new account, email providers are cautious about its legitimacy. Gradually increasing your sending volume helps establish your account as trustworthy.

Setting Up Initial Warm-Up:

  1. Log into SmartLead: Open your SmartLead dashboard.

  2. Select Email Accounts: Choose all the email accounts you plan to warm up. This ensures that the settings apply to every account.

  3. Enable Warm-Up: Click the "Enable Warmup" button.

Configure Warm-Up Settings:

  1. Total Warm-Up Emails per Day: Set this to 40. This means SmartLead will send 40 warm-up emails daily.

  2. Ramp-Up: Set the bulk ramp-up by 4. This gradually increases the daily email count by 4 emails.

  3. Randomize Warm-Up Emails: Set the range between 30 to 40. This adds variability to your sending pattern.

  4. Reply Rate: Set this to 60%. This ensures that 60% of your warm-up emails get replies, simulating natural email engagement.

  5. Save Settings: Click "Save" to apply these settings.

These settings are optimized for public email infrastructure like Outlook and Google. If you're using private infrastructure like Mail Scale or SuperWave, follow their recommended warm-up guidelines.

Adjusting Settings for Campaign Launch

Once your initial warm-up period is complete (typically two weeks), adjust the settings for actual campaign sending:

  1. Total Emails per Day: Set this to 20 per email account.

  2. Ramp-Up: Keep the ramp-up setting at 4.

  3. Reply Rate: Increase the reply rate to 80%. This higher engagement rate helps maintain your email deliverability.

  4. Save Settings: Ensure you save these new settings.

Additional Setup Steps

While you’re in the settings, you might as well configure your email sending parameters:

  1. Messages per Day: Set this to 20.

  2. Minimum Time Gap: Set a minimum time gap of 5 minutes between emails to mimic natural sending behavior.

  3. Signature: Create a professional email signature. Include your job title and company name.

  4. Custom Tracking Domain: Set up a custom tracking domain for better analytics. Follow the guide provided by SmartLead to create a DNS record on your domain registrar.

Final Thoughts

Properly warming up your email accounts is a critical step in any cold email campaign. Following these settings will help you achieve better deliverability and engagement rates. Stay tuned for the next part of this series, where we'll cover building your email lists and writing effective email copy.

Thanks for following along, and happy emailing!

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