Volume Negates Luck

You will never be unlucky if you understand this concept

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Actionable Tip Of The Day

Send more volume and you will never run out of luck.

Mathematically and statistically it is impossible to fail if you send enough volume.

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Send 1,000,000 cold emails then talk to me.

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Deep Dive

If there’s one mindset shift that can transform the way you view your business and its growth, it’s this: volume negates luck. I’m Mato from Conquer Leads, and today I’m diving into why adopting this mindset can radically change your success trajectory.

The Problem with Low Volume

In my community of agency owners, many struggle with lead generation. A common complaint is, "I’m not seeing any results." When I dig deeper, I often find that they’ve only sent a handful of emails—sometimes as few as 100. One reply, no conversion, and they conclude that cold email doesn’t work. The reality is, they haven’t put in enough volume to see real results.

The Power of Volume

The principle of volume negating luck is straightforward: the more you do, the better your chances of success. Here’s why:

1. More Opportunities

Sending a million cold emails might sound extreme, but the concept holds. The more emails you send, the more likely you are to land clients. It’s a simple numbers game. With more emails, you create more opportunities for conversations and potential conversions.

2. Iteration and Improvement

Volume allows you to iterate and improve your strategy. Send 1,000 emails and get minimal responses? Tweak your script, adjust your list, refine your offer. Each batch of emails is a chance to learn and optimize. The more you send, the better you get at crafting effective emails.

3. Statistical Advantage

Consider two competitors: one sends 1,000 emails a day, the other 10,000. Who’s more likely to succeed? The one sending 10,000, of course. Volume gives you a mathematical edge. The more emails you send, the higher your probability of success.

4. Persistence and Consistency

High volume forces persistence and consistency. It’s easy to get discouraged and inconsistent with low-volume efforts. When you commit to high volume, you treat it as a numbers game. Rejection becomes less daunting because you know the next opportunity is just an email away.

5. Reduced Fear of Failure

High volume reduces the fear of failure. Think of cold calling: the first few calls are nerve-wracking, but as you make more calls, rejection becomes less intimidating. The same applies to cold emailing. The more you send, the less you care about individual rejections, focusing instead on the larger goal.

Why Volume Matters

When you understand that volume negates luck, you realize that success isn’t about luck—it’s about doing what others aren’t willing to do. High volume ensures that you’re putting in the reps necessary to improve and succeed. It’s unreasonable not to win with cold email if you’re sending enough and continuously optimizing your approach.


Volume is key to success in lead generation and beyond. It’s a numbers game, and those who play it at scale are the ones who succeed. Adopt the mindset that volume negates luck, and watch your business transform. Commit to high-volume efforts, iterate and improve, and don’t be afraid of rejection. Your success is in your hands.

I hope this insight into the importance of volume resonates with you and helps you understand the numbers game of business. Keep pushing, keep sending, and watch the results roll in.

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